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Return on Investment and its importance for Learning efforts
Kuala Lumpur Intercontinental Hotel
31-1 November 2016
Manila Intercontinental Hotel
16 November 2016
Jakarta Intercontinental Hotel
2-3 November 2016
Singapore and Hong Kong
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Oman, Muscat- Radisson Hotel
26-27 September 2016
UAE, Abu Dhabi, Hilton Capital Grand Hotel
28-29 September 2016
Bahrain, Manama, Downtown Rotana Hotel
3-4 October 2016
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how come Learning and

as an Expense?

If People are an Investment

Development is always seen

- William Spindloe

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No group can achieve its objectives until its people achieve theirs.

No company can succeed until individuals within it succeed.

- Dr. Stephen R. Covey

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Todays, the reverse is true.
The knowledge of our staff
Is our principal asset.”
“Thirty years ago, about
80% of a company’s assets
resided in its plant and
equipment, with 20% in the
knowledge of its people.


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and indeed much teaching takes place without learning.”

“Learning and teaching are not inherently linked. Much learning takes place without teaching,

- Jane Bozarth

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‘ We have been able to bore people in the classroom
for years and now we know how to bore them online too’

- Dr Gary Woodhill (Chief Learning Officer, Operitel Corp)

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“Don’t assume all that has
been learnt will be applied”

- Peter Weaver - CLO

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“Forging the link between human performance and organizational excellence”

The Learning Link provides the vital link between your organizations goals and the capability of your people.

Our goal? To ensure we tailor the solutions to your requirements using the most capable people and tools. Seasoned experts with a real depth of experience and understanding will be your guides.

The Learning Link has attracted some of the most sought-after independent experts who have extensive expertise, enabling us to manage the smallest as well as the more complex project. Our Partners and Associates are committed to seeing every project to its successful completion, exceeding expectations.

One size does not fit all.  It’s vital for us to understand you. Your Goals, Visions, Challenges and importantly your People.  So let’s meet up and discuss your plans for the future. We can then analyze your situation and determine the best approach and deliver measurable and sustainable results.

Get in touch with us and find out why we are considered to be the  “The Return on Investment experts of the Learning and Development Industry.”

Some of our programs include…

Calculating Return on Investment for Organizational Learning:  Does your company adequately measure the real impact of your Learning and Development efforts or is it simply treated as a cost of doing business?

Understanding and Implementing 70:20:10-  This model is considered to be of greatest value as a general guideline for organizations seeking to maximize the effectiveness of their learning, and development programs. Find out why !

Scrap Learning – Scary but recent research points at 65% of the efforts in Learning and Development is wasted. This session deals with why and how to address these losses.

Why E-learning Fails – Have you gone the eLearning route to save costs and or to improve results but it is failing to provide you with the results you were promised? This session draws upon the experience of 20 years of e-learning implementations with thousands of organizations.

To Learn More… visit our Solution page !.

Return on Investment and its importance for Learning efforts


Middle East

Oman, Muscat- Radisson Hotel
26-27 September 2016
Exact Schedule for Singapore and Hong Kong is being worked out and we will inform Please register your interest and Learn More...